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Got Frozen Pipes in Atlanta Metro?

When you have a frozen pipes or water pipes that have burst from the freezing weather, your home or business is susceptible to trouble and could end up looking like it has been through a natural disaster. Water will billow out of a burst water pipe like a neighborhood fire hydrant, turning your basement or showroom into a lake within minutes. The damage from this will be tremendous if you are away from your home. Frozen pipes and broken water pipes rank number two behind hurricanes for the number of homes damaged and insurance claims in the USA!
    If you are experiencing a lack of water flow and your home or business has been in an area where the air has been at or below freezing, you may need an inspection and fast!  We have the ability to thaw frozen pipes, and replace leaks and broken water pipes with our same day service!  For the best pipe repair, frozen pipe repair, and pipe leak fixing in the Atlanta area, call Advanced PRStoday before the water damage caused by the leak or burst leads to big restoration bills
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