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Do I Need a Professional For Fire Damage Restoration?

     Simply having to go through the trauma of a house fire is bad enough, but dealing with the clean up post-fire can be a nightmare unless you find qualified fire damage restoration experts in the Atlanta area to take care of the mess on your behalf.  In addition to the property loss that your family incurs as a result of the fire and smoke, there can be long lasting health concerns as a result of the remnants of the smoke and soot left behind.   The best way to alleviate the health concerns is to contact a professional smoke removal and fire damage restoration company as soon as possible.  Apex Disaster Management of Atlanta has 24 hour response units on call, waiting to help you begin the process of getting your home back to the way it was before the fire.  In addition, our teams of trained and qualified restoration professionals will provide you with a fast no obligation estimate and if you decide to choose Apex Disaster Management, we work hand in hand with the insurance companies to help you with the financial aspects of the fire and smoke damage recovery process.  Don't hesitate and let the fire damage get worse, contact Apex Disaster Management today!  Remember, whether it is damage from a small fire, or nearly a total loss, we can help, and help now with our fire damage restoration process!

Important Processes to Fire Damage Restoration:

     Every article of clothing and drapes, bedspreads, floor mats, etc must be thoroughly laundered.  All exterior surfaces of the home must be pressure washed to remove soot from smoke  Every surface inside your home, including those in rooms not directly involved in the fire, must be thoroughly scrubbed with soap or other disinfectants to remove smoke odor and fire damage.  Every possession in the home, and we mean everything, must be cleaned to remove the harmful chemicals left behind both by the fire itself and the extinguishing products.  All of the duct work in the home including the A/C unit and Heating units themselves must be professionally cleaned or the ash and soot left behind from the fire and smoke damage will continue to travel into all of the areas of the home after you clean them.  All carpets in the home also must be professionally cleaned and deoderized in order to rid the house of the smoke odor and complete the fire restoration process.

Our Team Of Professionals Takes Care of Everything you See Above and More!!

As you can see, the process of smoke odor removal and fire damage restoration in Atlanta is in depth, and truly has to be in order to make your home safe again for your family.  It is our commitment to our customers that when we finish our proprietary process your home will be in the same condition or better than when it was before the blaze.  We have a long history of helping fire victims in the Atlanta area work with insurance companies and coach them through the claim filing process to ensure they do it properly and get their payment as quickly as possible. When you need fire damage restoration in Atlanta call Apex Disaster Management! 

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